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Social media isn’t an option for your business anymore. You know you need a presence. But, do you know why? Because, that’s important.

Using social media for your business is about more than just being there — it’s about being a member of your community, having a voice, & communicating your brand’s story to the world. At FEAD, we are a social media marketing agency that can help you get there.

Between behemoths like Facebook and Twitter as well as the smaller giants like LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Snapchat (the list goes on forever), businesses and brands of all sizes now have the capability of reaching billions (with a B) of customers online instantaneously.

How do you utilize social media to leverage such a huge user base into customers? You just go create some profiles, post a picture and an article here and there and BAM, INSTANT MONEY MAKING MACHINE!!! Right?

No, absolutely not. It takes a lot more work than that! But don’t worry, we take care of the work for you.

Interested? We are.


We care about telling stories, and making sure people are listening. People listen on social media. We go beyond just meeting the requirements of any social media algorithm. That’s bare minimum stuff. We dig into your digital brand and tell your story through engaging content, reputation management, digital strategy, and effective advertising that won’t cost you a fortune.

Having a social media presence is mandatory for businesses wanting to stay competitive. We look at it from the perspective of Content Marketing — which shifts the primary purpose of Social Media to be the distribution tool for all of your awesome content and the top of your sales funnel. It’s secondary purpose becomes what you normally think Social Media is for: engaging, interacting, and developing a relationship with your online audience.

FEAD MEdia - The Best Social Media Marketing Agency


Our Process

Clients come to the FEAD team almost always knowing they need social media help, but they don’t often know what that entails. Our focus when managing social media accounts includes:

  • Defining your mission for each social media channel you use
  • Defining how you present your brand story online
  • Grow your audience through thoughtful content to maximize your reach online
  • Engage your audience to generate brand recognition and loyalty
  • Engaging influencers in your industry to promote your own expertise
  • Driving increased traffic to your website
  • Increasing leads and/or sales

A closer look at how we approach social media management and marketing:

  • Perform a Social Media Audit of your profiles, if any
  • Set up social media profiles
  • Define missions, branding, and KPI’s for your social media strategy
  • Research competition & developing trends in your industry
  • Put together a posting and content calendar
  • Implement social media advertising strategy
  • Execute on our social media plan
  • Perform ongoing reputation management to monitor and respond to customers and fans

SOCIAL MEDIA Services We Offer

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management

Social Media Optimization

Online brand and voice development

Content curation

Event Promotion & Engagement

Targeted growth tactics

Reputation & Community Management


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